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JJ Fantasia

(Magnum Psyche x GiGi Jubask)
2002 Chestnut Mare


Arabian Horse Pedigree for JJ FANTASIA
*PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977 PATRON AVS*586 Chestnut 1966
ASWAN RASB*1379 Grey 1958
PODRUGA RASB*823 Chestnut 1951
ODESSA AVS*678 Chestnut 1973
BRIGHT WINGS AVS*280 Chestnut 1965
SERINDA AVS*335 Chestnut 1969
PADRONS PSYCHE AHR*418979 Chestnut 1988
KILIKA AHR*266273 Bay 1982 *TAMERLAN AHR*181487 Bay 1967
ARAX RASB*1018 Bay 1952
TRAPECIA RASB*1462 Bay 1961
*KILIFA AHR*226721 Chestnut 1972
KAPELKA GASB*217 Chestnut 1966
MAGNUM PSYCHE AHR*519029 Chestnut 1995
*SASAKI AHR*245043 Grey 1981 NAGASAKI AVS*483 Bay 1969
SACUDIR SSB*2860 Chestnut 1954
NEVISCA SSB*3653 Grey 1962
SAFIA AVS*620 Grey 1970
GALERO SSB*3619 Grey 1965
GUIRAF AVS*567 Grey 1963
A FANCY MIRACLE AHR*465647 Chestnut 1991
*MEDINA AZAHARA AHR*266676 Chestnut 1979 GARBO SSB*3624 Grey 1965
ORIVE SSB*2592 Grey 1951
BALDOSA SSB*3379 Chestnut 1960
GRAZALEMA SSB*4156 Chestnut 1973
JAGUAY SSB*3768 Grey 1968
DALIA IV SSB*3511 Chestnut 1962
JJ FANTASIA AHR*617246 Chestnut 2002 
*BASK++ AHR*25460 Bay 1956 WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
OFIR PASB*573 Bay 1933
MAKATA PASB*248 Grey 1931
BALALAJKA PASB*962 Grey 1941
IWONKA III PASB*723 Chestnut 1936
GG JABASK+/ AHR*100335 Bay 1973
JALANA AHR*41331 Chestnut 1967 *SERAFIX AHR*8955 Chestnut 1949
RAKTHA GSB*988 Grey 1934
SERAFINA GSB*1222 Chestnut 1945
RALANA AHR*7152 Chestnut 1951
RAHAJAH AHR*1747 Chestnut 1939
RAMONICA AHR*1699 Bay 1939
GIGI JUBASK SBA*13535 Bay 1986
SX SALADIN AHR*63310 Bay 1970 *SERAFIX AHR*8955 Chestnut 1949
RAKTHA GSB*988 Grey 1934
SERAFINA GSB*1222 Chestnut 1945
COBAH AHR*9357 Bay 1954
POMONA AHMEN AHR*3032 Grey 1944
FARADINA AHR*2337 Bay 1942
SALATUDE AHR*231398 Chestnut 1981
DENABOLA AHR*68725 Chestnut 1970 COUNSELOR++ AHR*35777 Chestnut 1966
*SERAFIX AHR*8955 Chestnut 1949
RALANA AHR*7152 Chestnut 1951
ASIL DENEBOLA AHR*20020 Grey 1961
RAFFERTY AHR*8658 Grey 1953
DESTYNEE AHR*11800 Chestnut 1957

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JJ Fantasia is a gorgeous daughter of Magnum Psyche, out of GiGi Jubask who is sired by GG Jabask+/. Fantasia is a lovely flame colored chestnut with an elegant topline and type so consistently produced by her sire. She is an athletic mare with a lot of substance as well as large, dark liquid eyes and a stunning face.

SCID & CA Clear.

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