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Dona Chall HCF

(Don El Chall x Hallini RMC)
2004 Bay Mare


Arabian Horse Pedigree for DONA CHALL HCF
ASWAN RASB*1379 Grey 1958 NAZEER RAS*247 Grey 1934
MANSOUR RAS*111 Grey 1921
BINT SAMIHA RAS*133 Bay 1925
YOSREIA RAS*399 Grey 1943
SHEIKH EL ARAB RAS*228 Grey 1933
HIND RAS*162 Bay 1929
*PRICHAL BRSB*4547 Grey 1973
PALMIRA RASB*1644 Bay 1967 SALON RASB*1412 Grey 1959
NEGATIV RASB*377 Grey 1945
SONATA RASB*433 Chestnut 1946
PTASHKA RASB*1094 Bay 1953
PRIBOJ RASB*313 Chestnut 1944
TAKTIKA RASB*254 Bay 1943
DON EL CHALL BRSB*10733 Grey 1988
AF VASCO BRSB*2561 Grey 1980 *BASCO BRSB*1198 Bay 1974
*BASK AHR*25460 Bay 1956
NAFTA AHR*12394 Chestnut 1957
AF LENDA BRSB*1060 Grey 1972
*NIZZAAB BRSB*861 Grey 1961
*JUREYN BRSB*869 Grey 1963
AF DONANA BRSB*4668 Grey 1984
*JT AMAZON BRSB*3309 Grey 1980 *ETER AHR*46769 Bay 1963
COMET PASB*1517 Grey 1953
ESTOKADA PASB*1429 Chestnut 1951
AMYTHYST AHR*59663 Grey 1969
*BASK AHR*25460 Bay 1956
*BINT AMBARA AHR*23810 Grey 1963
DONA CHALL HCF AHR*613961 Bay 2004 
*ALADDINN AHR*177073 Bay 1975 NUREDDIN SAHR*439 Bay 1953
WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
NORMA PASB*533 Grey 1932
LALAGE SAHR*77 Grey 1963
GERWAZY AHSB*2334 Grey 1955
LAFIRYNDA AHSB*2306 Grey 1954
*ALMADEN II BRSB*14084 Bay 1984
LA AMBIR AHR*147556 Bay 1976 *BASK++ AHR*25460 Bay 1956
WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
BALALAJKA PASB*962 Grey 1941
AMBIR AHR*28590 Bay 1964
OFIR AHR*8181 Chestnut 1953
*AMBARA AHR*22551 Grey 1951
HALLINI RMC BRSB*26936 Bay 1994
NAHAR EL HILAL BRSB*7323 Grey 1986 EL HILAL AHR*35261 Grey 1966
*ANSATA IBN HALIMA AHR*15897 Grey 1958
*BINT NEFISAA AHR*23223 Grey 1959
*NAHARRA BRSB*7080 Grey 1980
EL SHAKLAN GASB*1207 Grey 1975
NIHARRA GASB*2193 Grey 1975
*NEJMA ZAHARA BRSB*8223 Bay 1978 AZHDAHAR MCCOY AHR*81029 Grey 1972
THE REAL MCCOY AHR*17362 Grey 1960
AZHDERIANE AHR*37113 Grey 1966
NEJMA MIN GORDO AHR*85872 Bay 1972
GATO GORDO AHR*52834 Bay 1969

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Dona Chall HCF is a daughter of the immortal Don el Chall. She is feminine, refined and absolutely elegant. She passes all of those qualities onto her foals. Her 2010 filly by Magnum Psyche is exquisite and typey just like her mother.

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